FIECON combine economic strategy with practical thinking to provide user-friendly, innovative and cost-effective products to ensure your commercial goals are met.

CEModelBuilder can help you build best-in-class cost-effectiveness models, whilst significantly reducing building time. Our cloud-based platform automates the design and building-process of Excel-based cost-effectiveness models, which reduces the risk of human error and ensures high quality. Models can be built in a matter of minutes rather than weeks.

CEModelBuilder benefits:

  • Intuitive online interface leads to the quick and easy generation of customised models
  • Best-in-class designs ensure a consistent look and feel, and models can be easily opened, understood, and shared
  • Model calculations are automated to guarantee accuracy and remove the risk of human error
  • Models are designed and built to fully comply with international HTA and payer requirements to support product commercialisation at a global or local level

No more valuable time spent redesigning models and quality checking calculations. More time spent planning your commercial launch strategy. Enquire about CEModelBuilder today

Here’s what you can expect to see from CEModelBuilder